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Feeding Hamsters

Hamsters should be fed a quality hamster mix each day and this can be supplemented with fresh fruit, vegetables, plants, flowers and other treats. Find out from these guides what hamsters can eat.
Feeding Hamsters

Each hamster will have different tastes and not all hamsters like the same things to eat. However, it is important to know what can and cannot be fed to hamsters to avoid harming the hamster by feeding something which may be poisonous and to help keep the hamster healthy by feeding a healthy diet.

Hamsters have cheek pouches which they use to collect food. They push the food into the pouches which expand and then carry the food to some "safe" place. Here the hamster will empty the food from the pouches by pushing the food forwards and out of the mouth and create a food store. The inner lining of the cheek pouches are very delicate and sharp or sticky foods can become stuck.

Information about other treats that can be fed to hamsters.

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